Star anise – what is it? Is it food or liquor?

Star anise is the big inhabitant of china and japan. Today, its tree is developed mainly in four regions of China. It is harvested between the months of March and May. People when chopped the whole fruit used as a mouth freshener and also for many medical purposes. It looks like a star, or the seeds present in it have the main use in providing the difference essence and work as an aid for any treatment. With the enhancement of the latest technologies, star anise also produces by the process of steam extraction and also used for baked goods and fruit jams.

For the better propagation, anise tree needs for the huge amount of water with well-drained to grow the seeds into the healthy soil. Anise flower takes 5-10 years for the proper growth. Pods of the flower can be ripening when the sunlight falls on it. In most of the areas, it is used as a flavoring agent or as a medicine for cough cold or headache. Some people use it by its crushing for the mixing, or some prefer its liquor form.

Flavors of star anise

When adding the combination of ginger, licorice root, fennel, cloves, or also many more spices are used in the dish. But, in spite of all of us, you should use star anise pod, then it will cover the flavors of the other entire ingredient. People of the northern side are fond of tea to get relief from their busy works. Some of the people like the tea that is full of spices or that work as healing medicine. So, if you add star anise powder in it, then it will provide you much relief form your fatigue and also from other health diseases.